Starting out in November of 1994, Bassist Seth Meidenman and ex-drummer Joe Cordaro got the idea to start a funk and soul band. First joined by Guitarist Bill Gerrity whose instrumental prowess and rhythmic capabilities are impressive to say the least. and Alto/ Bari Saxophonist Adam Seely, sectional playing should be his middle name.

Soon the next core member was found, Tenor Saxophonist Rob Cutts blowing sharp clean and precise. The boys set out to put together a repertoire and the rest of the band. They quickly found some like minded individuals and put together a set of music. With Matt Searing's sweet and powerful vocals, the band can cover many different bands in this genre, such as:

Tower Of Power,Steely Dan, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Paul Simon, And Wilson Pickett.

The trumpet player Jason Chapman adds a certian spice that complements the other horns. (formidable in their own right). The addition of Alex Giacari on Drums has given the band an unbelievable pulse that sits right in the pocket. And James Sotis's keyboard playing has only added to the strong rhythm section that already exsists. His subtle nuances and clever tones create a broad pallette for melody to float on.

Finally the trombonist of choice is Ed Leone. He puts the bottom into the horn section that is so powerful it must be heard to be believed.

The band is always playing in the New York City Long Island Area and are a real treat to listen as well as dance to.

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We Can't Forget the players who contributed through the years.

John Despisito on keys.

Christian Kolar Trombone

Ed Teirney Drums

James Inginito Trumpet

Dave Post Trombone

Peter D. Vocals

Phillip Gardner Vocals

Sista Soul

Joanie Nigro Vocals

And anyone else we might have left out.

Thanks guys.